Business Idea Consultation

Turn your passion and strengths into a viable business concept.

What’s included?
Receive a tailored business idea crafted uniquely for you
Undergo in-depth interviews to pinpoint your strengths and market opportunities
Transform your ambition into actionable business plans
Unlock Your Potential

Step into a transformative learning experience.

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$ 2,500.00 

About the Course

This consultation service is crafted to help you and your partners create a business concept that aligns seamlessly with your collective strengths and passions. With tailored strategies derived from in-depth interviews, we help turn your ambitions into tangible, actionable business ideas.

  • Objective: To help entrepreneurs craft a business concept that is aligned with their strengths, passions, and identified market opportunities.
  • Who It's For: New entrepreneurs or business teams looking to carve out a unique space in the market by leveraging their collective strengths and passions.
  • What You'll Learn: How to identify and utilize your strengths and passions in business. The process involves in-depth interviews to understand you and your partners better, followed by crafting a business idea that precisely aligns with market opportunities and your team's strengths.
  • Outcome: A well-defined business concept rooted in your team's strengths and market opportunities, ready to be transformed into a successful business venture with actionable plans.